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On Wednesday, January 20, 2010, NCA is joined forces with Every Child Matters, the National Association of Social Workers, and the National District Attorneys Association. Together, we launched an ad campaign asking Congress to address the epidemic of child fatalities that claims the lives of innocent children every day. In the world of CACs, we are all too familiar with the grim statistics, but I include them here as a painful reminder of why we so desperately need Congress to act now. From 2001-2007, 10,440 children died from abuse and neglect in their own homes. This is more than double the number of American fatalities in two wars during the same period. In fact, there was a 35% increase in child maltreatment deaths from 2001-2007.

As part of the Call to Action, we ask Congress to:

  • Hold hearings on child abuse fatalities
  • Provide emergency funds to stop state cuts in child protection services
  • Adopt a national strategy to prevent child abuse and stop child deaths

For more information on this important CALL TO ACTION, please click here.

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